Filter GMP-F-125-22

Bag filter with pneumatic cleaning for collection tanks

Filter designed for the suction of dust generated during the unloading of granular material into collection tanks. The filter uses anti-static polyester bags. The suction air passes through a series of grates positioned in the lower part of the filter. A door on the front allows access to the filter chamber for easy replacement. The suction fan is positioned directly on top of the filter and it releases purified air into the environment. The cleaning system is automatic and utilizes counter-current jets of compressed air. An electronic control unit allows the frequency of the cleaning jets to be modulated depending on the actual degree of bag clogging, conserving air and extending the service life of the bags. The dust generated during the cleaning phase is discharged directly into the discharge tank. Characteristics:
  • Supporting structure in painted steel
  • Filter body in galvanized sheet metal panelsPlenum with integrated solenoid valves
  • Bags in 500 g/m² polyester
  • Inspection door

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• Bags in different weights


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