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Assembly by the manufacturer guarantees high quality.

What we do

Design, production, installation and maintenance of systems for:

  • air suction and filtering
  • HVAC
  • soundproofing
  • sector expertise consultancy

Who we work for

Our daily business involves the creation of solutions for steelworks, foundries, die casting, moulding, joinery workshops, cement works, brickworks, textiles, paper mills, chemical plants, composting and much more.


Our solutions solve problems relating to purification from dust, particulate, smoke, fumes, acids, solvents, oils and noxious vapors; the heating, ventilation and cooling of machinery and environments; the noise-proofing of machinery and environments.


Our systems are custom designed
to offer increased efficiency
and lower running costs


Design is our big added value.

Our skill has been developed over decades of constructions for a variety of sectors. We now have extensive knowledge of the particularities of every type of work and we design your system as a consequence. We can offer you the greatest expertise in industrial suction.



High overall quality.

We pre-assemble the components at our plant and then install the system at the Customerís premises. All the operations are carried out in complete observance of the safety standards and, particularly, without interfering with the Customerís usual production activities.



Correct maintenance guarantees the long life of the systems and more economic operation.

GRT DARMA offers maintenance and assistance also for systems made by other companies and we offer a 12-month guarantee on our own systems, with a training course on how to use them aimed at production, maintenance and safety managers.


Certifications and QAS Policy

GRT DARMA quality assurance

Quality – Environment – Safety Company Policy ( PDF )

– ISO 9001-2015 ( PDF )
– ISO 14001-2015 ( PDF )
– ISO 45001-2018 ( PDF )



Not only does a system have to be efficient, it also has to be safe.

Transversal skills

With GRT DARMA, the treatment of air and noise becomes easy.

Guarantees and Conformity

Our systems are all guaranteed in compliance with the laws on health, the environment and safety.